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Ice cream flavors



Get The Skoop offers premium homestyle ice cream.

Saturday, April 6th 12:30pm-5pm
1200 Lincoln Avenue, Alameda, CA
Pints, 4 oz cups, hoodies & T-shirts will be available. 

Premium Homestyle Ice Cream

Get The Skoop sells and distributes premium homestyle ice cream to clients in and around the Bay Area and Alameda, California. As a small boutique business, we don't compromise the quality of our products. We try to bring our favorite desserts to ice cream form and offer unique flavors that can't be found in stores. 

Black Cherry ice cream

40+ Unique Flavors

Our Story

When the pandemic hit in 2020, April and Kris Prater decided to spread love and hospitality to their friends and family by making flavorful, quality ice cream and delivering it across the East Bay in California. After a year of supplying ice cream at no charge, they decided to expand their products to anyone who loves ice cream.


Today, Get The Skoop serves customers in the Bay Area, mostly in Oakland and Alameda. They now have 40+ unique flavors and even more in the pipeline.


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