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So, for your next dessert, try a scoop. Better yet, Get The Skoop!

Our Story

Get The Skoop Premium Ice Cream is an ice cream distributor managed by two Bay Area-homegrown foodies who love a good scoop of ice cream. When the pandemic hit in 2020, April and Kris Prater decided to spread love and hospitality to their friends and family by making flavorful, quality ice cream and delivering it across the East Bay in California. After a year of supplying ice cream at no charge, they decided to expand their products to anyone who loves ice cream.


 Along with distributing to select stores Get The Skoop is a Pop Up store that serves customers in the Bay Area, mainly Oakland and Alameda. They now have 40+ unique flavors and even more in the pipeline.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to use quality products to curate different flavor profiles that are not just your standard ice cream flavors.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a new experience and elevate each person's tastebuds one pint at a time.


Meet the Owners

Your tasteful ice cream experience starts with this dynamic husband and wife duo.


Kris Prater has always loved using his creative mind in the kitchen, spending hours coming up with new and exciting recipes that he would prepare for family and friends. From sweet to savory, he has mastered it all. He decided to make those same flavor profiles into ice cream. It all starts with a creamy rich base that transforms into a lasting impression on your taste buds.


His wife, April Prater, is a well-traveled foodie who loves quality desserts. She adds to the flavor profile by creating sauces and purees that compliment this high-quality product.


Together, they create an experience for you. Whether it's from your childhood, a turning point in your life, or a time when comfort was needed, Get The Skoop is a brand that you will not forget!

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